Kanye West Projected "New Slaves" And A Video With Scott Disick Onto The Sides Of Buildings Last Night

And he totally trolled the Hamptons, too. posted on

1. A video of Kanye West performing “New Slaves” as well as a video of Scott Disick and that one guy Jonathan from Keeping Up With The Kardashians paying tribute to “American Psycho” was projected onto the sides of buildings Saturday night.

Via Hunter Schwarz

2. The projections took place in more than 30 cities.

3. Here’s footage of “New Slaves.”

4. And here’s the “American Psycho” tribute.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/68461466.

5. West’s website indicated the projections would be screened in the Hamptons.

6. But it seems that was all a big joke which makes sense because according to “New Slaves,” Ye doesn’t think very highly of the people there.

@hunterschwarz I was there- they didn't do it in East Hampton ...And from what I can tell, none of the Hamptons projections happened #hoax

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