Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank Would Have Been A Belieber

Bieber wrote “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber,” in the guestbook. UPDATE: Bieber made the comment because Frank was a fan of pop culture, one source says.

1. Justin Bieber was in the Netherlands for a concert in Arnhem Saturday night. He visited the Anne Frank House Friday after opening hours and wrote this in the guestbook.

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2. The Anne Frank House has posted about other celebrity visits in the past.

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3. And this BBC Hague reporter was able to get in contact with the Anne Frank House and this is what they said.

@JacquelSpringer written by AFH on their FB page. Called them, press team away,won’t send photo of guestbook, confirmed only staff access FB— anna holligan

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@chrisgeidner @bertine83 @pourmecoffee yes, I spoke to the manager, she (understandably) wants their communications team to deal with it— anna holligan

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@chrisgeidner @bertine83 @pourmecoffee manager confirmed that only staff had access to their FB page & JB visited after closing last night.— anna holligan

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Just confirmed with @annefrankhouse press office - Justin #Bieber did write those comments in 'special guestbook'

— anna holligan (@annaholligan)

Just confirmed with @annefrankhouse press office - Justin #Bieber did write those comments in ‘special guestbook’— anna holligan

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'He's 19, it's a strange life he's living, it wasn't very sensible but he didn't mean bad...' - @annefrankhouse press office

— anna holligan (@annaholligan)

‘He’s 19, it’s a strange life he’s living, it wasn’t very sensible but he didn’t mean bad…’ - @annefrankhouse press office— anna holligan

ID: 1072389

'He was very interested in Anne Frank...' - @annefrankhouse press office #Bieber @bbcworldservice

— anna holligan (@annaholligan)

‘He was very interested in Anne Frank…’ - @annefrankhouse press office #Bieber @bbcworldservice— anna holligan

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Beliebers then made sure they showed their idol their support on the Anne Frank House’s Facebook page.

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UPDATE: During Bieber’s tour, a guide pointed out that Frank was a fan of pop culture and she might have been a fan of his.

Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Anne Frank was a fan of celebrities and pop culture and doesn’t have a problem with what Bieber wrote in the guestbook.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it,” he said.

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