How To Make The Best Myspace Profile

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1. Welcome to MySpace! This is MySpace Tom. He’s your first friend. He’s everybody’s first friend.

2. MySpace is a place where you can connect with your friends and make new ones. It’s what’s called a social network.

3. The first and most important thing to do choose a good profile pic.

4. Your picture says a lot about you and can be helpful in attracting potential friends who will add you.

5. The bathroom is a good place to take a pic because you don’t need anyone’s help.

6. If you want to be sexy, you can take off some clothes and do it.

8. So grab your RAZR and start snapping!

11. Next, you need to describe yourself. What are you like? What do you do? Let your personality shine through.

12. “I like everything except rap, country and hardcore screamo”

13. “I hate dRaMa luv my FRiENDzzz and I am so lucky cuz I have the bEsT friends EVER!!!”

14. “Why does everything gotta b so complicated? I see the way ur acting like ur somebody else gets me frustrated.”

15. “Please read my blog and remember to LIVE your life dont let life pass you by, you never no when the lights will go out!!”

16. In no time, you’ll have people begging to add you. Be sure to thank them!

19. Then the real work starts: picking out your top 8 friends. Good luck.

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