How To Make An Awesome Family Christmas Card

This is your big chance to impress everyone with how cool your family is. Make sure you do it right.

1. Family Christmas cards are one of the best holiday traditions.

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2. Because they’re a chance to get together with the ones you love…

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3. And take a picture you’ll treasure forever.

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4. It’s a chance to let your friends know what’s new in your life…

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5. And show off how awesome your family is.

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6. Just make sure your card reflects your family’s personality.

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7. The first thing to do is decide what you’ll wear. You can try matching clothes…

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8. Or ugly Christmas sweaters…

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9. Or show off your personal style…

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10. Or try something sexy.

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11. Whatever you do, just make sure it goes together.

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12. (Even though contrasting colors and patterns can sometimes work.)

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13. So don’t be afraid to take risks!

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14. One of the hardest things is getting everyone to look at the camera.

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15. And getting a shot without anyone blinking.

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16. Trying to take a picture with kids can also be difficult.

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17. But once you get them to behave, it’s a breeze.

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18. If you can’t take a picture with your family, you can take one with your roommates…

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19. Or your best friend…

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20. Or Santa…

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21. Or Britney…

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22. Or your cat…

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23. Or even by yourself.

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24. If you want, you can also add fun effects…

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25. And borders…

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26. And backgrounds…

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27. And text.

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28. Just make sure it feels natural.

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29. Because your family is the best.

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30. ¡Feliz Navidad!

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