Either Chipotle Doesn’t Know How To Use Twitter, Or They Know Exactly How To Use Twitter

Chipotle’s Twitter account Sunday was a stream of consciousness/a search for an avocado store in Colorado. Their tweets received more than 3,700 RTs in an hour. Now that’s what I call leveraging your #brand.

1. Update: A spokesman for Chipotle says the situation is now under control, but did not respond to questions about whether the tweets were an accident, a publicity stunt, or if the account was hacked.

I’m glad no one went Anthony Weiner on us, but everything seems to be under control.

6. Yes. Yes you do.

8. Wait, what? Where?

10. Yes, you did.

12. Oh, you mean this one?

15. Suh lawn trow.

17. No.

19. :(

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