Democrats’ Favorite Industries Vs. Republicans’

Democrats like the government way more than Republicans do and Republicans like the oil and gas industry way more than Democrats do.

A Gallup poll released last week of how Democrats and Republicans feel about different industries shows Democrats and those who identify as leaning Democratic feel more positively about a number of industries than Republicans and those who identify as Republican leaners do.

Gallup noted, “No single reason explains all of these partisan differences. While some may reflect clear ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats, others may be a function of differences in the demographic make up of the two parties.”

1. The computer industry was Democrats’ favorite industry with 69% of respondents saying they felt positively about it.

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2. Farming and agriculture was Republicans’ favorite with 66% of respondents saying they felt positively about it.

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The industry with the biggest difference was the federal government, with 39% of Democrats saying they had a positive response but only 13% of Republicans saying they did.

Democrats also feel more positively about the movie industry (48%) than Republicans do (32%).

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When it comes to the oil and gas industry, 32% of Republicans responded with a positive rating while only 19% of Democrats did.

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Here are the complete results:

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