Anti-Muslim Ads Offend Just About Everyone In San Francisco

Anti-Muslim ads, including one reading “killing Jews is worship,” spark controversy. Despite public outcry, city officials say the ads will stay up.

1. Ads on the side of 10 San Francisco buses with quotes attributed to terrorists have drawn criticism from city and local Muslim leaders.

2. The quotes in the ads include language like “killing Jews is worship” and “mosques are our barracks.”

3. They were put up by American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group that also protested the “Ground Zero mosque.”

4. The ads cost $5,000 and will stay up for one month, according to ABC 7, and they include a disclaimer that they are paid advertisements.

5. The group has also run ads in Washington, D.C.

7. City officials said they disagree with the ads, but they will not try to take them down. American Freedom Defense successfully sued New York City to place similar ads in subways, and San Francisco authorities want to avoid the legal battle.

8. The public transportation company in San Franciso, however, will use the money American Freedom Defense paid for the ads to fund studies on the effects of discrimination on the Muslim community.

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