A Typical Day For A High Schooler In 2005

Your first social network was instant messaging, your brand-new jeans came with holes, and you somehow survived without unlimited texting. This is your story.

1. You’re awoken suddenly by the playful ringtone from your RAZR phone.

ID: 637178

2. First things first. Check MySpace. You got a new friend request!

ID: 637012

3. Better get ready. Spiking your hair takes time.

ID: 637371

4. Maybe you’ll wear a Polo with a popped collar today.

ID: 633582

5. Or maybe you’ll wear Abercrombie instead.

ID: 637430

6. And you need to get your money’s worth out of these $150 pre-ripped jeans.

ID: 637428

7. Don’t forget your necklace!

ID: 633187

8. Pop your favorite mix into the CD player and let’s get to school!

ID: 637441

9. You get to school and say hi to all your friends.

ID: 633285

10. The warning bell rings. Better get to math. Steer clear of the goths on your way.

ID: 637462

11. You’re bored in class so you play games on your calculator. Sure wish your phone had cool games on it too.

ID: 643329

12. In English, you learn that poems don’t necessarily have to rhyme, which is interesting.

ID: 633235

13. Your teacher also wants you to read more. But if it isn’t Harry Potter, you don’t care.

ID: 633197

14. Your science teacher who tried to be cool does a biology version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

ID: 643270

15. You win and get a Live Strong bracelet as a prize.

ID: 643468

16. After that is lunch. You and your friends make Mean Girl jokes the whole time.

ID: 637486

17. You wash down lunch with a refreshing bottle of Fruitopia.

ID: 635671

18. The rest of the school day flies by and before you know it, you’re at home in front of the TV watching TRL.

Paul Hawthorne / Getty
ID: 633220

19. When that’s over, you watch Strong Bad and go to chat rooms. A/S/L?

ID: 633239

20. You IM your friends and decide to go to the mall.

ID: 632818

21. Hollister is so dark.

ID: 637711

22. The smell of cologne in Abercrombie is making you nauseous.

ID: 633656

23. Then you remember there’s a dance tonight! And they play “Yeah!” That’s totally your jam.

ID: 637804

24. When it’s time to slow things down, you dance with your crush as Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” plays.

ID: 631400

25. One of the teacher chaperones tells you you’re dancing too close.

ID: 641031

26. Whatever. The dance is almost over. You take some great pics…

ID: 633473

27. …that you’ll post on your wall. Literally.

ID: 633266

28. High school is the best!

ID: 633191

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