A Man Photobombed The Australian Election

Security had to remove an unidentified man who got on stage during a victory celebration for Australia’s new prime minister.

1. Tony Abbott won Australia’s election Saturday to become the country’s third prime minister in four months.

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2. During his victory celebration, this unidentified man got up on the stage.

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3. And he shook Prime Minister-designate Abbott’s hand.

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4. While Abbott’s family looked on, confused.

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5. Security tried to get the man down off the stage.

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6. But he refused and security came up and got him.

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7. Abbott won the election in a landslide, defeating the Labor government which has ruled the past six years and has failed “to maximize the benefits of a now fading mining boom,” according to Reuters.

David Gray / Reuters
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8. Abbott is leader of the Liberal Party, Australia’s center-right party.

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9. That might confuse Americans since “liberal” here means the exact opposite.

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10. But Australia also has summer when America has winter, so they do things opposite sometimes, and that’s OK.

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11. Here’s video of the incident.

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