A Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Walked Around Hong Kong Taking Selfies With People


1. Howard, a 34-year-old Australian Chinese who said he doesn’t want to reveal his last name, is a Kim Jong-un impersonator.

Bobby Yip / Reuters / Reuters
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2. Howard was transformed into the North Korean leader this week at a Hong Kong salon.

Bobby Yip / Reuters / Reuters
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3. Then he walked around the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district.

Bobby Yip / Reuters
ID: 2058594

4. And took photos with everyone.

Bobby Yip / Reuters
ID: 2058601
Bobby Yip / Reuters / Reuters
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Bobby Yip / Reuters
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7. Howard said his friends have teased him about looking like Kim Jong-un, so last April Fool’s Day, he cut his hair and set up a Facebook page.

Bobby Yip / Reuters
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8. “We joked back and forth, ‘Maybe I should get dressed up and do some gigs with it.’ After all, I’m a musician, so it’s about the performance,” he told Reuters.

Bobby Yip / Reuters
ID: 2058598

9. Howard, a drummer and producer, said he didn’t want to reveal his last name because he wanted to keep his music and impersonation careers separate.

Bobby Yip / Reuters
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