21 Awkward Things About High School Dances

High school dances can always be a little weird…

1. When your date stands you up.

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2. When your date’s an Xbox.

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3. When your date underdresses.

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4. When your date’s skirt gets more attention than yours.

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5. When you’re not allowed into the dance because your dress is see through.

ID: 723394

6. When you’re not allowed in even though your dress isn’t see through.

ID: 723402

7. When your date also asked someone else out.

ID: 723395

8. When your dad photobombs you.

ID: 723411

9. When you have to use a stool for the pictures.

ID: 723611

10. When you can’t pin the boutonnière on.

ID: 723331

11. When your friend’s thumb is in your mouth.

ID: 723558

12. When you fall into a lake.

ID: 723391

13. When you forgot to fill up the gas tank.

ID: 723371

14. When you forget to make dinner reservations.

ID: 723459

15. When your date gets all up on you.

ID: 723333

16. When your date’s twerking gets out of control.

ID: 723551

17. When you’re wearing a burlap sack.

ID: 723313

18. When you’re camouflaged.

ID: 723413

19. When you’re not camouflaged but everyone else is.

ID: 723639

20. When everyone catches you sneaking a peek.

ID: 723596

21. When you forget your pants.

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