18 Ways “Twilight” Changed Everything

If it weren’t for Twilight , the world would be completely different, guys.

“Twilight” is finally over.

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So it’s the perfect time to sit back and look at how it changed everything.

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1. Like how without “Twilight,” this tattoo would never exist.

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2. Or this one.

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3. Or this one.

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4. Or this one.

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5. Without “Twilight,” this girl would have different pillows.

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6. And these shoes wouldn’t exist.

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7. Neither would these underwear.

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8. Or this wedding cake.

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9. Without “Twilight,” Robert Pattinson might still be that one guy in from that one “Harry Potter” movie.

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10. And Taylor Lautner might still be that one guy from “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.”

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11. Without “Twilight,” there might not be as many teen paranormal romances.

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12. Love triangles in young-adult fiction might not even be a thing.

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13. Who knows if we’d have “True Blood.”

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14. Or “Vampire Diaries.”

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15. Or “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

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16. And if there were no “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” would there even be “Lincoln?”

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17. And you know “Fifty Shades of Grey” started out as “Twilight” fan fiction, right?

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18. So if it weren’t for “Twilight,” this picture could have never been taken.

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So basically, “Twilight” has changed everything and we’ll never be the same again.

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Thanks, Twilight.

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