9 Savory Reasons You Should Accept A Dinner Invitation From Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal’s having friends for dinner, and you got a rare invitation. Don’t be so quick to decline; you’re going to be at that table one way or another. posted on

1. His Lung and Loin Bourguignonne

Recipe here.

2. His Roast “Veal” Stuffed with Spinach and Mushrooms

Recipe here.

3. His Foie Gras en Torchon

Recipe here.

4. His “Lamb” Tongues en Papillote with Duxelle Sauce

Recipe here.

5. His Heart Tartare in Vol-au-vents

Recipe here.

6. His Tomato Barquettes

Recipe here.

7. His Vegetarian Options

Recipe: lettuce, lotus root slices, white asparagus, cucumber, yellow and candycane beets.

8. The Fresh Ingredients

He only uses lungs from non-smokers.

9. The Great Company

Every meal is a performance, and only the most interesting people get to be in the audience. This is his design.

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