15 Pro-Life Resolutions For 2014

What better way is there to start off the new year than with a New Year’s Resolution? Check out our list of ideas for resolutions you could make to save lives in 2014!

1. 15. Say a prayer daily for an end to abortion

Such a simple task can make such a difference when it comes to saving lives. Resolve to pray for an end to abortion daily in 2014.

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2. 14. Volunteer as a Sidewalk Counselor

Are you looking for a very direct way to save lives? Sidewalk Counselors speak to pregnant women entering abortion facilities in a final attempt to convince them to choose life. If there are abortion facilities in your city, contact a local Pro-Life organization to find out how you can get involved in 2014.

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3. 13. Attend the March for Life

The March for Life is an awesome place to take a stand for life. If you are feeling up for an adventure, book your plane tickets to DC for the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 2014.

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4. 12. Distribute Pro-Life materials in your community

Handing out Pro-Life publications is an excellent way to get people talking about the issue of abortion. Human Life Alliance, along with Live Action and other Pro-Life organizations, provides a variety of pro-life publications to meet the needs of your community. Hold a distribution event in your church, school or neighborhood in 2014.

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5. 11. Participate in a 40 Days for Life Campaign

40 Days for Life is a prayer campaign that takes place in the Spring and Fall of each year. Join other pro-lifers in front of the abortion facilities to keep vigil and pray for an end to abortion. The next 40 Days for Life campaign begins March 5, 2014.

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6. 10. Speak up when Pro-Life ideas are challenged

What do you do when a friend or acquaintance speaks up about their support of abortion? Resolve to share your pro-life viewpoint in these potentially “awkward” situations in 2014.

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7. 9. Share Pro-Life images and articles on social media

Do you shy away from posting Pro-Life information on Facebook and Twitter because you are worried about what people might think? Resolve to share a Pro-Life image or article with your friends through social media in 2014.

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8. 8. Wear a Pro-Life shirt, wrist band or pin

Pro-Life apparel is an awesome way to start conversation about the issue of abortion. Resolve to wear a Pro-Life shirt, wrist band or pin in 2014. Stand True is an excellent resource for Pro-Life apparel.

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9. 7. Raise money for a Pro-Life organization

Are you too busy to volunteer or be directly involved in Pro-Life activities? Consider raising money for a Pro-Life organization or making a donation in 2014.

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10. 6. Volunteer for a local Pro-Life organization

Consider sharing your unique talents with an organization near you. Resolve to contact a local Pro-Life organization in 2014 to find out how you can get involved.

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11. 5. Start a Pro-Life club at your school

Whether you are in high school or college, starting a Pro-Life club is an excellent way to educate your peers about the issue of abortion. Resolve to start a Pro-Life club at your school in 2014 (or join one if it already exists!). Students for Life of America is a good resource for individuals looking to get a group started.

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12. 4. Attend a Pro-Life event or conference

Resolve to attend a Pro-Life event, conference or prayer vigil in 2014.

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13. 3. Donate maternity and baby items to a Crisis Pregnancy Center

Do you want to help pregnant women in need? Hold a baby bottle or diaper drive in 2014 and donate the materials to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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14. 2. Support Pro-Life candidates in your community

As the 2014 elections draw near, stand up in support of candidates that will protect the dignity of every human life.

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15. 1. Start your own Pro-Life project

One person’s efforts can make a remarkable difference in protecting the preborn. Get creative and start your own project to save lives in 2014!

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