35 Crave & Cringe-Worthy Game Of Thrones Items You Can Actually Buy

Fill the void in your life between Game Of Thrones seasons by purchasing as much G.O.T. memorabilia as humanly possible. The possibilities are endless.

1. These “My Sun And Stars” and “Moon Of My Life” Rings

ID: 1334117

2. This Valentine

Let Khaleesi tell the moon of your life how deeply and creepily you love them.

ID: 1334860

3. This Direwolves Tee

ID: 1334127

4. This G.O.T. Map Wall Art

Though the rest of the decor doesn’t scream “I’m so obsessed with Game of Thrones that I have a poster of it above my bed”.

ID: 1334173

5. Hand Drawn Sketch of King Joffrey Baratheon

Because Joffrey didn’t already give you nightmares.

ID: 1334774

6. This Game of Thrones House Lowball Glass Set

Perfect for the Game Of Thrones Drinking Game.

ID: 1334191

7. This Coloring Book

ID: 1334199

Calm your post-Red Wedding anxiety with some relaxing coloring!

ID: 1334231

8. These Dragon Egg Plush Toys

Again, useful for post-G.O.T. stress relief.

ID: 1334264

9. This Clever Tyrion Lannister Tee

ID: 1334242

10. This Upsetting Patch

From the seller: “I know, I know, I’m going to hell for this patch.”

ID: 1334287

11. These Cookie Cutters

Satisfy your appetite for Game of Thrones while you wait for next season.

ID: 1334525

12. This Badass Onesie for the Sun & Stars in Your Life

“I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyeria. I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming!”

ID: 1334312

13. These Tyrion Lannister Earrings

The highest vantage point Tyrion has ever had. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

ID: 1334331

14. This Jon Snow Ring

The saddest ring in all of Westeros.

ID: 1334828

15. These Sneakers

ID: 1334656

Customize to show allegiance to your favorite house!

ID: 1334846

16. This Subtle Daenerys Targaryen-Inspired Necklace

ID: 1334627

17. These Refrigerator Magnets

Hodor is coming.

ID: 1334650

18. This Margaery Woodburned Box

That is, if you trust your secrets with Margaery…

ID: 1334665

19. This Night’s Watch Oath Needlepoint

Little known secret: It’s what Maester Aemon does in his free time.

ID: 1334695

20. This Wearable Reminder of What We Say to the God of Death

ID: 1334406

21. These Hilarious Lannister Nesting Dolls

ID: 1334711

22. This Party-Starting Banner

Particularly appropriate around October.

ID: 1334720

23. These Beer/House Combo Coasters

ID: 1334703

24. This iPhone Case

ID: 1334744

25. These House Stark Tights

Although, wearing tights already implies that winter is coming…

ID: 1334729

26. This Straightforward Bumper Sticker

ID: 1334754

27. This Game of Thrones World Map Skirt

Because the poster would be too big too carry around, duh!

ID: 1334737

28. This Major Houses Charm Bracelet

Show your G.O.T. love without being too outwardly nerdy.

ID: 1334342

29. This Fully Painted Dragon Kit

Cosplay Daenerys Not Included.

ID: 1334767

30. This Bumper Sticker

The only acceptable white outline family bumper sticker ever.

ID: 1334788

31. These Dragon Wall Decals

ID: 1334793

32. These House Greyjoy Kraken Earrings

But why would you want to rep House Greyjoy….

ID: 1334800

33. These “Will You Be My Groomsmen” Invitations

Clearly the seller doesn’t know what happens at Game of Thrones weddings.

ID: 1334827

34. This Custom House Baratheon My Litte Pony

While something tells me we have an age demographic mismatch here, these babies are currently on SALE!

ID: 1334844

35. These Notecards

Perfect for… no occasion really.

ID: 1334854

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