31 Incredible "Game Of Thrones" Tattoos

In case you’re wondering how to take your obsession to the next level…

1. Daenerys Targaryen

ID: 1470765

2. A Ned Stark Quote

ID: 1469933

3. A Three-Eyed Raven with House Stark Motto

ID: 1469770

4. A Terrifying White Walker

ID: 1469720

5. Hand of The King’s Pin with Lannister Lion, Baratheon Stag, and Targaryen Dragon

ID: 1469703

6. “Valar Morghulis” with Jaqen H’ghar’s Coin

ID: 1469820

7. Robb Stark and Direwolf

ID: 1469850

8. A Terrifying “Winter Is Coming” House Stark Wolf with the Head of a White Walker

ID: 1469868

9. The Iron Throne

ID: 1469908

10. Khaleesi Daenerys with a Dragon

ID: 1470844

11. The Motto of the House Baratheon

ID: 1469916

12. Three-Eyed Raven with Stark-Stamped Skull

ID: 1470795

13. Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris

“All men must die” and “All men must serve” in High Valyrian

ID: 1469882

14. An Excerpt from the Night’s Watch Oath

“I am the watcher of the walls. I am the sword in the darkness.”

ID: 1470389

15. The House Stark Heart Tree

ID: 1470405

16. An Interpretation of the Night’s Watch

ID: 1470407

17. Another Version of Winter Is Coming

ID: 1470409

18. The House Targaryen Motto

ID: 1470421

19. An Incredible Three-Eyed Crow

ID: 1470596

20. A Syrio Forel Quote with Stark Wolf

ID: 1470710

21. A Beautifully Detailed House Stark Motto

ID: 1470413

22. A Simple House Greyjoy Piece

ID: 1470717

23. “Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni”

Dothraki for “My sun and stars.”

ID: 1470722

24. A Tyrion Lannister Quote

Said to Jon Snow about being a bastard (or a dwarf).

ID: 1470345

25. Khaleesi

ID: 1470723

26. “The North Remembers”

ID: 1470726

27. House Stark Wolf

ID: 1470756

28. “Words Are Wind”

ID: 1470761

29. House Greyjoy Kraken

ID: 1470773

30. Another Beautiful Three-Eyed Crow

ID: 1470853

31. Daenerys With Newborn Dragons

ID: 1470863

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