21 Hilarious Photoshop Trolls

When you ask the internet for help, you’re asking for trouble.

1. Can you remove the hand for me?

ID: 1362451

2. Just a touch-up

ID: 1362483

3. How do I get rid of these spots on my mirror?

ID: 1362527

4. The LIVE Photoshop troll

As a part of Adobe’s “Creative Days” program, Photoshop masters set up camp at a bus station and modified pictures of waiting commuters in real time. Watch their reactions!

ID: 1362531

5. The sneaky wedding troll

ID: 1362585

6. Specificity is key.

ID: 1362600

7. A reccuring nightmare of a troll

Or, “block this friend on Facebook.”

ID: 1362602

8. Can you remove her bikini?

ID: 1362614

9. Duck face troll

ID: 1362628

10. Can you beef me up?

ID: 1362633

11. The poignant family Photoshop troll

ID: 1362646

12. Taking things literally

ID: 1362673

13. Specificity is key 2.0.

ID: 1362711

14. The elaborate workplace troll

ID: 1362715

15. The double-take troll

ID: 1362912

16. As seamless as possible

ID: 1362916

17. Sometimes specificity isn’t key.

ID: 1362918

18. I guess my smile’s not so bad after all…

ID: 1362922

19. You couldn’t have just cropped it, could you?

ID: 1362924

20. Can you make my cheekbones higher?

ID: 1362932

21. A simple crop, please

ID: 1362934

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