19 Things Everybody From D.C. Knows To Be True

No, Bethesda does NOT count.

1. People assume you grew up next to the White House.

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2. Traffic doesn’t ever phase you.

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3. You know the four quadrants are basically different countries.

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4. The idea of eating on the metro will always be weird.

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5. The Kennedy Center was your local theater.

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6. You know that Bones and Scandal would never happen.

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7. The idea of D.C. being a cool place to live doesn’t make any sense to you.

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8. Going to Rockville was basically hell.

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9. Your school held at least one scavenger hunt at the National Mall.

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10. A motorcade drove by you almost every day.

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11. Rooting for your home team was always somewhat embarrassing.

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12. Georgetown University was practically the Holy Grail.

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13. You only went to the Zoo during winter.

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14. Foxhall was your Beverly Hills.

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15. You saw a politician every week.

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16. Inauguration day meant staying inside for a week.

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17. You’ve never understood the obsession with Georgetown Cupcake.

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18. You hate it when people say “Reagan” instead of “National”.

ID: 3579658

19. And you know that Bethesda is fake D.C.


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