15 Reasons Howard Wolowitz Is The Real Star Of "The Big Bang Theory"

Sheldon’s got nothing on Howie.

1. His hip thrusts are amazing.

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2. His really weird and sassy phrases.

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3. He embraces his weaknesses.

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4. He’s got a totally rockin bod.

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5. His unbelievably perfect insults.

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6. He still can’t wrap his head around Sheldon.

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7. His life isn’t always as great as it should be.

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8. He’s an amazing kisser.

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9. He doesn’t deny the facts of the world.

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10. He has amazing Halloween costumes.

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11. The rest of the gang always trusts him.

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12. He knows that some people simply aren’t smart enough.

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13. He’s got ridiculous musical talents.

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14. He is possibly the worst flirt in history.

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15. And yet somehow he has the truly perfect person by his side.

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