16 People Who Need To Know That Hostess Is Coming Back

If you haven’t heard, Hostess is back and better than ever! But there are a few people on this planet who should be told this wonderful news ASAP before they go crazy (if they haven’t already).

1. These people who took preserving their precious treats to a whole new level.

Kori / Via instagram.com
ID: 1342404

2. These shoppers mobbing for the “last supply.”

Kera Williams / AP

Caaaaaalm down everyone. There’s enough to go around!

ID: 1343205

3. This person who doesn’t realize that there’s now enough to share.

tmray02 / Via Flickr: tmray02
ID: 1341583

4. This guy who’s going to extreme lengths to find his Twinkie substitute.

BJ Carter / Via Flickr: bjcarter

Think we all can agree that cream filled beats cotton any day…

ID: 1341566

5. This grocery store that still has empty shelves.

Kori Miller / Via Twitter: @Kori_Miller

Hop to it guys! There are hungry people to feed. Haven’t they suffered enough?

ID: 1344013

6. These people who thought a permanent reminder was the only way for Hostess to be in their lives forever.

Hayley Caddell / Via instagram.com
ID: 1342442
PJ Anderson / Via instagram.com

Now it can be used as a reminder to “never forget” to buy Twinkies when they go shopping. It’s a win-win situation if you think about it.

ID: 1341888

7. These girls who thought this was their last Hostess supper.

Kyra Didier / Via instagram.com
ID: 1342045

8. This girl so she can sleep at night.

Codie Thacker / Via Twitter: @CodieEmily
ID: 1344080

9. And this girl so EVERYONE can sleep at night.

Brittney / Via Twitter: @damn_bmur
ID: 1344866

10. Anyone who paid a tad more than market value to get one last taste.

james beavers / Via instagram.com

At least the shipping was free.

ID: 1341940

11. This guy’s fashionable tribute that came too soon.

We will never forget because now we don’t have to!

ID: 1343120

12. These people who could only express their sorrow through creative expression.

big_espoon / Via instagram.com
ID: 1341910
Sam Evil / Via instagram.com
ID: 1341865

13. This person who made sure they were set for a few months…

diandra / Via Twitter: @diandraN26
ID: 1343725

14. …or a year…

Manuella Patton / Via instagram.com
ID: 1341900

15. …or the rest of their lives.

ID: 1343887

16. This girl who thinks she is seeing a ghost.

Liezel An / Via instagram.com

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Hostess is back! Go ahead, treat yourself. You’ve waited long enough.

ID: 1341722

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