10 Awesome Things Made Even Awesomer

Some people are content with awesome. But sometimes, awesome just isn’t awesome enough. There are some who say, “That’s awesome, but I wish it were awesomer.” At Honda, we like those people. They think like us. #HondaInnovator

1. Parking

Backing up made a little, uh… easier.

2. Canine Hydration

Make your dog classier, no more toilet bowl breath.

3. Cereal Accessorizing

Tired of almost chopping off all your fingers just trying to get some of your daily fruit intake into your morning cereal? With this banana slicer, you don’t have to worry about keeping all your digits again.

4. Instant Photography

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Making instant photos even more uncomfortable.

5. Keyboards

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Who doesn’t love playing with lasers?

6. Navigation

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Now you don’t have to ask a stranger with weird glasses how to get to the mall (or whatever).

7. Communication

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Now you don’t even have to talk to each other to have a good time.

8. Dancing

Now you don’t even need to have the lights on to get yer freak on.

9. Flying

Humans are evolving from wooden wings to flying squirrels. See it in action here.

10. Camping

Instead of bringing a tent to a campsite, bring the whole freaking thing with you.

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