12 Signs You’re Really Into Your Book

Dedicated to all you book worms out there.

1. Actually attempting to read at work or school without getting caught

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2. Spending your lunch break reading and at peace

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3. Getting to a good part when you should be sleeping

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4. Seeing the time at night after saying “just one more chapter” several times

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5. Finally putting down the book and falling right asleep

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6. Saying goodbye to your social life temporarily so that you can continue your book

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7. Not understanding why everyone else around you isn’t reading!

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8. Talking only about your book whenever an opportunity arises to talk to someone else

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9. Getting to a really good part…

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10. …and sometimes getting to a not-so-good part.

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11. That moment when you’re finished with the book…

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12. …and the joy of starting another.

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