Steve Stockman Is Congress’s Master Internet Troll

He’s taking none of your sass.

1. Meet Steve Stockman

ID: 1846981

2. Many people know him as the conservative Republican Congressman from Texas’ 36th District.

ID: 1846985

3. But to those of us on the Internet, Steve is so much more than a Congressman.

ID: 1846987

4. He’s Congress’s Master Internet Troll

ID: 1846989

5. There was that time he proudly unveiled his new bumper sticker


ID: 1846993

7. We can always count on him for the best insight on current events

ID: 1847014

8. His Facebook page is updated roughly 1,000 times a day with gems like this:

ID: 1847027

9. And this:

ID: 1847049

10. Oh, he went there.

ID: 1847043

11. *Blinks*

ID: 1847044

12. Love him or hate him, we can all at least agree:

ID: 1847004

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