19 Reasons Hook Is The Best Part Of "Once Upon A Time"

Yo ho ho and a bottle of YUM.

1. First off, he is just drop dead sexy.

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2. He knows how to accessorize.

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3. He knows how to lay on the charm.

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4. So suggestive.

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5. He knows how to make guyliner WERK.

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6. He has magnificent scruff.

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7. He was in on the leather trend before it started making a comeback.

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So fashion forward.

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8. He’ll do anything for love.


He will go to the ends of the earth to avenge you. So dreamy.

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9. He was dreamy even before he became a pirate.

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Lookin’ good, Killian Jones.

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10. He has a sweet mode of transportation.

He’s sailing in between worlds and straight into my heart.

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11. He can always be found with some hair of the dog.


He’s always down to turn any situation into a party.

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12. His. Eyes.

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I just want to swim in those baby blues.

ID: 2586655

13. He knows how to smolder.

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14. You’ll always want him on your side in a fight.

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15. You just know he’s an amazing kisser.

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16. He’s a true leader.

Your wish is my command, Hook.

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17. He’s got that pirate swagger.

He just knows how to saunter.

ID: 2587219

18. Basically, he is perfection.

ID: 2587260

19. UNF

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