The 12 Worst Struggles Of A Cold Stone Employee

The sizes are Like It, Love It and Gotta Have It. It’s not that hard.

1. Mixing ice cream can really take a toll on your forearms.

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2. The singing. Oh dear god the singing.

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3. Work always seems to follow you home.

I don't think I will ever get the smell of ice cream completely off my skin. #coldstoneprobs

— Nicolette Hoke (@NicoletteHoke)
ID: 2704238

“@CremeryProblems: Can never manage to leave work w/out chocolate or caramel on my arms... Or on any other part of me...#ColdStoneProbs”

— Hannah Cornish (@hancorn93)
ID: 2704242

I will permanently smell like a waffle cone by the end of the summer. #ColdstoneProbs

— Nicole™ (@love_ngs)
ID: 2704248

4. But seriously, it’s near impossible to escape the remnants of Cold Stone.

My reoccurring nightmare of my hands being covered in peanut butter gets increasing real everytime I work coldstone #ColdStoneProbs

— Abrianna Burton (@AbriannaBurton)
ID: 2704258

I'm so covered in icecream I bet if someone just smells me they'll get diabetes #coldstoneprobs

— Ashley Johnson (@ashhha)
ID: 2704267

Just found a clump or caramel in my beard…or is it fudge? #coldstoneprobs

— The Rural Juror (@RJOtheThird)
ID: 2704274

5. Customers can’t seem to grasp the sizes that are offered.

RT @Shanikaaa_: RT @CremeryProblems: do not tell me you want two scoops, like it, love it or gotta have it #ColdStoneProbs

— Maxie (@wizardMaxie)
ID: 2704278

Do you see a sign that says one, two, or three scoops??? NO we have three sizes RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! #ColdStoneProbs

— Ramy Armaly (@ArmalyRamy)
ID: 2704283

Jaz throwing me ice cream: Jaz- I gotta love it sig Me- okay...which one Jaz- I gots to have it Me-.... #coldstoneprobs @Thecoldstoner

— Caroline Louisa (@CarolineLGeisel)
ID: 2704287

6. Writing on cakes proves to be more of a problem than expected.

People get the weirdest stuff on their cakes. #coldstoneprobs

— Amber Hayes (@areigh8)
ID: 2704292

So me and Mary were asked to draw a scarf and Hebrew letters on a cake.. #ColdstoneProblems

— Kristin (@kristin13ucher)
ID: 2704307

But wait someone really asked for this LOL #coldstoneprobs

— Sam Cirlincione (@SamCirlincione)
ID: 2704313

ID: 2704322

7. Being around ice cream and candy all day is a huge struggle in itself.

Constantly consuming mix ins for myself #ColdStoneProbs

— ColdStone Problems! (@CremeryProblems)
ID: 2704329

You may think my job isn't hard, but I'd like to see you be around ice cream all day and not gain 20 lbs.. #coldstoneprobs

— Cold Stone Probs (@ColdStoneProbss)
ID: 2704345

Always want ice cream when im not at work #coldstoneprobs. Seriously though I want a milkshake more than I want sleep.

— Madison K (@mad13eve)
ID: 2704348

8. Waffle cones/bowls are really more trouble than they’re worth.

Customer asks for creation in cone. Get waffle cone and customer complains that it's too big #coldstoneproblems

ID: 2704357

I understand u want a waffle... ANY size can go INTO the waffle. #coldstoneproblems

— jacob (@Jacoburz)
ID: 2704361

Seriously regretting that trip to the gym this morning--cleaning the waffle irons at work was enough of a work out! #coldstoneproblems

— Maggie B. (@mbeebz1047)
ID: 2704366

9. You really learn just how stupid people in this world can be.

#coldstoneprobs #loveourjob RT @K_Gibbs_10: I swear I get paid at work to hear bad pick up lines, listen to music and do my homework.

— Kp (@quiteLadylike)
ID: 2704369

Having someone ask you if that's really the cream of an Oreo in Oreo cream, excuse me? #CSprobs #ColdStoneProbs

— Nonchalant Prick_ (@WallBlume_)
ID: 2704372

If you pronounce Watermelon Sorbet as Watermelon Sherbert, you should not be allowed to get it #coldstoneprobs

— Rebecca Humphrey (@Rebecca_h25)
ID: 2704379

Some man just asked me if I went to school to work at the stone. Yeah, I got a masters in icecream mixery... I hate people. #ColdstoneProbs

— Leah Jean (@leahjeanmatz)
ID: 2704383

10. The mix-in toppings seem to cause a lot of confusion, as well.

What? Your mad because you wanted more topics and we're charging you for it and that's what it has on the board? #coldstoneproblems

— Trishieeee. (@ThisIsTrishie)
ID: 2704389

today I asked a girl what she wanted mixed into her ice cream and her response was "it doesn't matter" #wtf #coldstoneproblems

— Brooklyn Cuzzola (@bcuzz143)
ID: 2704396

*runs outa gummy bears* "theres some in that jar in the front?" SURE YOU CAN EAT HARD 6 YEAR OLD GUMMY BEARS IF YOU WANT #coldstoneproblems

— ColdStone Problems! (@CremeryProblems)
ID: 2704403

11. You wouldn’t think cleaning an ice cream shop would be too bad. But you would be mistaken.

Dishes fer dayzzzz. #coldstoneproblems

— Vanessa (@VannessaaNaomi)
ID: 2704411

I shouldn't be cleaning pee off the seats in the girls bathroom. It should be a slam dunk every time. #coldstoneproblems

— Mason Banner (@mason_banner)
ID: 2704434

Yes that happened. #ColdStoneProblems

— Lindsey Budahn (@Ginger_Snapz96)
ID: 2704425

Found a condom at work today...winner #coldstoneproblems

— Courtney Bartlett (@glenncoco93)
ID: 2704443

People do the weirdest things in Cold Stone bathrooms. I once had to clean up vomit from literally ever surface of the men’s room one night. WHY.

ID: 2704449

12. Basically, working at Cold Stone is the worst.

My job is literally to fuel a new morbidly obese generation. #ColdStoneProblems #SorryImNotSorry

— Mike Hassan (@mikehassan18)
ID: 2704455

You will never understand hell until you've worked at coldstone. #coldstoneprobs

— Phillip Owner (@lolatJAG)
ID: 2704459

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