You’ve Been Peeling Oranges Wrong Your Whole Life

The YouTube Channel SmallLightInc has stumbled upon an exciting new way to peel oranges. This technique is easiest if you have a mandarin orange or clementine.

2. Step 1: Peel the top and bottom of the orange.

ID: 1398433

3. Step 2: Cut the orange in half.

ID: 1398525

4. Step 3: Separate the orange slices out.

ID: 1398556

5. And then, voilà: a completed “caterpillar orange” for easy sharing and easy eating.

[It should be noted, this is a mandarin orange, which is way smaller and easier to peel/separate than an actual navel orange.]

ID: 1398601

6. Watch the whole video here:

ID: 1398177

7. But wait there’s more! You can also learn how to peel a flower orange:

ID: 1398617
ID: 1398619

10. And even how to make an orange watch!

ID: 1398760
ID: 1398744

12. Why peel oranges the old-fashioned way when there’s so much fun to be had?

ID: 1398791

h/t: Imgur user HolliePocket

ID: 1398685

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