Why Not Wearing Pants Is Awesome


All day at work I’m like:

ID: 793613

Well, I’m also upset that it’s monday.

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I mean, let’s be honest.

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1. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day of existing…

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…and just stripping down.

ID: 793453

2. The moment the pants come off feel like absolute freedom.

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Everything can hang loose and has room to breathe.

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3. You have direct access to your butt.

ID: 794150

You can dance better without them.

ID: 793488

4. Even Flanders know the dance with no pants.

ID: 793724

5. Not to be confused with the dance in only pants.

ID: 793738

It goes great with wine…

ID: 793496

6. …and pizza…and the internet.

ID: 794035

7. It goes great with everything, really.

ID: 794053

8. And you know what they say, “In truly successful relationships, no one wears the pants.”

ID: 794013

The best is when you don’t have to interact with other humans.

ID: 793512

9. If only people still took you seriously when you’re not wearing pants…

See also Jerry Seinfeld on doctor’s authority and pants

ID: 793847

…instead of looking at it as a problem.

ID: 794368

Then this would definitely be me. Every. Day.

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