The Weirdest Lessons People Learned In 2012

The hashtag #2012HasTaughtMe brought together year-end reflections from around the twittersphere. These lessons probably won’t apply to everyone.

1. We experienced startling feats.

ID: 776182

4. We pondered the space-time continuum.

ID: 775936

6. We realized some things about ourselves

ID: 775992

9. and some things about our families.

ID: 775998

12. We learned who our real friends are

ID: 776131

15. and who we shouldn’t trust.

ID: 776179

16. We faced some awkward situations

ID: 775881

20. and even more awkward confrontations.

ID: 776374

25. It was a year of hard lessons

ID: 775875

31. but hopefully we’ll keep learning more in the new year…

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