The 24 Most Important Questions Ever Asked On Tumblr

Things that make you go hmmm.

1. What if the Oscars were like this?

ID: 1027240

2. What if condoms were like this?

ID: 1027703

3. What’s up with grocery stores?

ID: 1027272

4. Why does sex have to be hard?

ID: 1027701

5. Also, what if sex were like this?

ID: 1028035

6. Why do bears get everything?

ID: 1027710

7. Why are toilets so loud?

ID: 1027734

8. How do Giraffes get down?

ID: 1028223

9. Why do Pokemon evolve?

ID: 1027706

10. Why don’t hurricanes have diverse names?

ID: 1027721

11. Do you ever get the urge to catapult your body backwards with grace?

ID: 1027737

12. What if eyebrows looked differently?

ID: 1027948

13. Can we just make photos real life?

ID: 1027949

14. What’s up with straight boys?

ID: 1027886

15. Do you ever look at old people wistfully and imagine the lives they led?

ID: 1028309

16. What’s up with erasers?

ID: 1028029

17. Why bother with drugs?

ID: 1031581

18. Is this what boyfriends are like?

ID: 1028020

19. Why isn’t Obama on this yet?

ID: 1028294

20. Is this what “the d” stands for?

ID: 1027738

21. Why do people say “no pun intended”?

ID: 1031597

22. What if this is the true nature of existence?

ID: 1031586

23. Why is Tumblr so addicting??

ID: 1027729

24. What if…wait what? I think it’s time to stop posting…

ID: 1028353

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