The 13 Best Rap Songs To Play Before A Job Interview


1. Hop up out of bed. Turn your swag on.

ID: 811100

2. Take a moment to remember all the hard work that got you there in the first place.

ID: 811994

3. Step into the room like you have never lost anything or have ever been rejected in your life.

ID: 810728

4. And they will respect you. You’re a BAWSE.

ID: 810765

5. List all of your awesome skills and experiences.

ID: 811107

6. Go hard on every question.

ID: 826877

7. All while staying cool and collected as you brush off their curveballs.

ID: 826780

8. And don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. You are there for a reason.

ID: 811129

9. This is your moment!

ID: 810789

10. Channel your inner Kanye…

ID: 811995

11. …and set your sights for world domination.

ID: 810713

12. They will remember your name!

ID: 810794

13. Just don’t get too carried away…

ID: 810973

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