Some Men Shave Their Legs And Some Women Don’t, Carry On

To shave, or not to shave: that is the question.

1. Summer’s here and you know what that means? Legs on legs on legs!

2. Set your legs freeee!!!!!

3. But wait. What’s up with all these people angrily policing whether or not men and women are shaving their legs?

4. Like, really? Why is this even a question on OkCupid? Are hairs on a human leg considered a deal breaker?

5. Chill out, guys. Some people shave and some people don’t. It’s an everyday phenomenon called living life the way you want.

Art by Tumblr user nonhippie.

6. Some people view it as an important part of their feminism.

Art by Taylor Ruth.

8. Some people are just lazy.

Art by Daily Dishonesty. You can buy a print here.

9. Some like both the shaved AND unshaved look.

Art by Tumblr user ayearofself.

10. Some people get dressed and go about their day without ever wondering what some random human thinks about their legs.

Art by Tumblr user Uglywhocares.

11. And some do it for a combination of these reasons. Or other more complex reasons. Or simple ones.

14. So yeah, chill out, leg hair police.

Art by Aleah.

15. Life is short. Summer is hot.

Art by Lesley Powers.

16. Do whatever makes you feel sexy.

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