Some Men Shave Their Legs And Some Women Don’t, Carry On

To shave, or not to shave: that is the question.

1. Summer’s here and you know what that means? Legs on legs on legs!

ID: 1224660

2. Set your legs freeee!!!!!

ID: 1224687

3. But wait. What’s up with all these people angrily policing whether or not men and women are shaving their legs?

ID: 1212091

4. Like, really? Why is this even a question on OkCupid? Are hairs on a human leg considered a deal breaker?

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5. Chill out, guys. Some people shave and some people don’t. It’s an everyday phenomenon called living life the way you want.

Art by Tumblr user nonhippie.

ID: 1222080

6. Some people view it as an important part of their feminism.

Art by Taylor Ruth.

ID: 1222540

8. Some people are just lazy.

Art by Daily Dishonesty. You can buy a print here.

ID: 1222524

9. Some like both the shaved AND unshaved look.

Art by Tumblr user ayearofself.

ID: 1225169

10. Some people get dressed and go about their day without ever wondering what some random human thinks about their legs.

Art by Tumblr user Uglywhocares.

ID: 1222741

11. And some do it for a combination of these reasons. Or other more complex reasons. Or simple ones.

ID: 1212092

14. So yeah, chill out, leg hair police.

Art by Aleah.

ID: 1214115

15. Life is short. Summer is hot.

Art by Lesley Powers.

ID: 1219621

16. Do whatever makes you feel sexy.

ID: 1212087

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