24 Shocking Pieces Of Evidence That Beyoncé May Actually Be Human


1. Her beautiful, magical thighs are actually reinforced with four layers of stockings.

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2. She talks shit and likes to gloat when she wins.

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Seriously, just look at her gloating.

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3. She gets excited to go home and just hang out with her hubby.

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4. She has silly handshakes with her friends to the tune of Inspector Gadget.

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5. Like most people, she’s sensitive about her work.

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6. And she gets nervous all the time.

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7. She does corny dances in sweat pants.


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8. She gets boogers!

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9. She jams out.

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10. Relatedly, she also enjoys air guitar-ing it out.

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11. She takes trill selfies.

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12. She gets star struck.

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13. She sometimes comes in on the wrong part of a song.

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14. Even though she’s the world’s biggest pop star, she still has to worry about things like people getting lighting right for black women.

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15. She also still has to deal with a daily reality for many women — the harassers who think it is fucking OK just to touch a woman’s butt.

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16. She bikes (to her concert at the Barclay’s Center… but still, she bikes!).

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17. Sometimes she reminds us that the center of gravity does not actually revolve around her.

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18. She is not amazing at everything (*gasp*).

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19. Sometime she puts aside her humble, poised demeanor to let y’all know what the deal is.

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Via: Tumblr

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20. She writes from a vulnerable place.

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21. She’s been scorned by a man. I don’t know who this human is (who would break up with Beyoncé?!), but she talks about it here:

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22. Sometimes she just boldly asserts her humanity.

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23. She stares into the abyss and it stares back. Very human.

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24. You know that thing humans do where they just sprawl out and find a randomly comfortable position just chilling on the floor as they reflect on their life and wonder what they’re even doing anymore?

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Beyoncé also does that.

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Oh, who am I kidding? Even in all these moments of humanness, Beyoncé manages to look like a god.

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Bow down, y’all.

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