One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Comedian Aamer Rahman went to a “Bollywood themed industry party” and “decided to hold a ‘Best Costume’ contest.” He posted these finalists (“who were all happy to have their photos taken”) to his Facebook page along with this commentary.

“Nothing says ‘Bollywood’ more than a scarf and an ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EYE OF HORUS on your forehead now, does it?”

ID: 1096786

“Oh snap. This dude actually dressed up as a genuine Raghead.”

ID: 1096782

“Dear White Ladies,
Wearing a sari takes a little more skill than just wrapping a piece of material around yourself over the top of a t-shirt or a boob tube. Also, wearing random beads and dots on your head will not give you magic powers that help you dance ‘Bollywood style’ when you are drunk.”

ID: 1096777

“I had to literally pull this guy off his flying carpet as he swooshed past me. In case you can’t tell, his turban is actually a coiled up snake. Genius.”

ID: 1096793

“Look out, this bartender’s serving up a lethal new cocktail called ‘Racism’! Get it, he’s dressed as a different type of ‘Indian’! So subversive.”

ID: 1096795

“Well my brown skin is no match for this man’s turban, multiple dots and layered t-shirt combo.”

ID: 1096803

“Wow. Just wow.”

ID: 1096807

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