26 "Next" Bus Contestants You Would Never Date

This show gives “bad date” a whole new meaning.

1. This girl “Poops five times a day”?? FIVE. TIMES. A. DAY.

ID: 1009002

2. Um, what is a “weenie” Pooh Bear??

ID: 1036315

3. “My braces bring all the girls to the yard” - This guy.

ID: 1036390

4. This dude is probably lovely on the internet.

ID: 1036870

5. Is competitive weave collecting a thing??

ID: 905995

6. And pray tell, good sir, where did you get your metrosexual license?

ID: 905993

7. “Idolizes Ryan Seacrest” should make anyone pause.

ID: 1036326

8. That rock music, man. It’s bonkers!

ID: 1036418

9. There’s this guy who expects women to have absolutely no hair on their arms.

ID: 1036478

10. Is “looks like Lenny Kravitz” a reason to date someone?

ID: 1036324

11. I don’t think James Dean would appreciate the reference.

ID: 1036759

12. Does this guy understand how itchy Santa outfits are?

ID: 1036784

13. Well, at least you know he’s adventurous.

ID: 1036777

14. How does one get a job selling exclusively vacuum cleaners?

ID: 1036886

15. This lovely guy will probz pee on you while you’re sleeping.

ID: 1036894

16. Eating your weight in sushi is actually pretty impressive, if you think about it.

ID: 1036906

17. How would she even know if she’s the best kisser? Like, is she a supernatural being with the powers to kiss herself? I want answers.

ID: 1038362

18. I think Ursula got to him.

ID: 1036334

19. Actually, she seems pretty normal. Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to kick our teachers in the balls?

ID: 1038406

20. At least she’s honest.

ID: 1038453

21. A bondage themed hair show? That’s actually pretty cool.

ID: 1038472

22. Do I want to know how he got the nickname “Dr. Pepper”?

ID: 1008922

23. “Poops in boxes” is definitely a red flag.

ID: 1038506

24. She’s probably Benjamin Button-ing or something. Her teeth are great why would she want veneers??

ID: 1038510

25. Why would you ever mention “chit-chats in the bathroom” as one of your distinguishing characteristics to a date?

ID: 905994

26. She’s pretty normal…oh wait. Right, of course. If you learn anything from Next, it’s that no one is normal.

ID: 906000

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