Beyoncé And Jay Z Just Released A Surprise Trailer For The Greatest Movie Of All Time

Someone give us a whole movie, like, NOW.

1. Ahead of their “On The Run” tour, Beyoncé and Jay Z decided to surprise release a trailer for a movie called “RUN” and it’s basically the most epic movie trailer in the world.

2. Featuring criminal couple Beyoncé and Jay Z…

3. Some sweet elevator action.


4. A lot of screaming and exploding.

5. Beyoncé with a few absolutely epic gun shots.

9. And some epic gun chase battle scenes…

10. In which Beyoncé takes a few shots.

11. Cameos by Guillermo Díaz, Sean Penn, and Rashida and Kidada Jones.

12. Even more cameos by Jake Gyllenhaal and Don Cheadle…


13. A part where Blake Lively tries to tell Beyoncé how to live her life.


14. Some floating in the pool with stacks action.

15. Some gyrating in a hotel room action.

16. And some sweet, sweet Bey and Jay love.

20. Basically it looks like the greatest movie to ever exist…

21. Except for the part at the end where they’re like “JK, this epic movie trailer we made for you isn’t even real.”


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