22 Babies Who Discovered Selfies

“Hayyy” - Babies.

1. This baby who’s just chilling in the tub after a long day of being a baby.

ID: 944678

2. This adorably plump baby who hasn’t quite figured out how to fit their whole head in the screen.

ID: 944754

3. This baby Instagramming pics from brunch.

ID: 944868

4. This fierce baby who should definitely be a model.

ID: 945422

5. This baby who’s discovered the “hipster-above-the-head-shot” selfie.

ID: 944816

6. This baby contemplating life’s biggest mysteries.

ID: 944840

7. This baby who’s like “just woke up #nofilter.”

ID: 946564

8. This baby just hanging out and making silly faces.

ID: 946809

9. This baby who’s like “OMG so bored get me out of here.”

ID: 946800

10. This baby giving fierce face.

ID: 946561

11. This baby who’s like “Sup, guys. Just chillin at the crib.”

ID: 947874

12. This baby who is probably pooping or something.

ID: 947602

13. This baby showing off his cool PJs.

ID: 947478

14. This baby who’s perfected the art of duck face.

ID: 944844

15. This baby who feels really cool in his new race car shirt.

ID: 947882

16. This baby taking selfies at the beach.

ID: 944836

17. This baby Instagramming pics with all her new toys.

ID: 947506

18. This baby who’s like “Hey cutie, how you doin?”

ID: 947599

19. This baby showing off his new pacifier.

ID: 946570

20. This baby who can’t get over his own face.

ID: 944848

21. This baby doing the “oh hey I forgot the camera was here” selfie.

ID: 944862

22. And this baby who has discovered the transformative and healing powers of the selfie.

ID: 944676

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