14 TV Shows You Probably Started Watching Because Of Tumblr

Their GIFs are enticing and their fans are all over the place. Admit it, the Tumblr vortex sucked you in.

1. Supernatural (CW)

Two brothers hunt supernatural beings. You might not be able to tell from the gifs, but it’s a drama.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: the go-to surprised face reaction gif.

2. Misfits (Channel 4)

While working on their court-ordered community service project, a group of teens discover they have supernatural powers. Angsty British teens + the supernatural? What’s not to love?

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: that kid in the orange jumper making all those faces.

3. Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)

The adventures of 14-year-old Finn and his best friend Jake, a dog with magical powers, in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: that cartoon that captures all your existential moments.

4. Once Upon a Time (ABC)

In the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine, fairy tale characters come to life.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: that woman dealing with a lot things.

5. Skins (BBC America, Channel 4)

A british drama following the angstiest of angsty British students finishing their last two years of high school. Sex, drugs, and so many feels.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: that girl who helps you express how lost and alone you feel sometimes.

6. Scandal (ABC)

Olivia Pope is in the business of crisis management PR and often deals with top officials at the White House. Needless to say, it gets juicy.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: the roller coaster ride everyone’s live-blogging.

7. Revenge (ABC)

Revenge follows Emily Thorne as she returns to the Hamptons to exact revenge on behalf of her father.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: the new soap opera people are gossiping about by the Tumblr watercooler.

8. Teen Wolf (MTV)

Scott tries to have a normal life as a high school student, despite the fact that he has been bitten by a werewolf.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: sexy menz.

9. Merlin

Loosely based off the King Arthur legends, Merlin follows the adventures of a young wizard in Camelot.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: the BBC show that is not Sherlock or Doctor Who that everyone is talking about.

10. Elementary (CBS)

A contemporary take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic, Elementary follows Holmes, a genius detective who is a recovering drug user, and his sober companion, Dr. Watson.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: “Will they or won’t they?!?”

11. Workaholics (Comedy Central)

Workaholics follows three co-workers at a telemarketing company.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: those dudes who seem to be having fun at work.

12. Sherlock (BBC)

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Sherlock Holmes.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!!!!

13. Community (NBC)

Community follows a group of students who have formed a study group at a local community college. Adventures ensue. No really, epic adventures ensue.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: EVERYTHING THAT IS WONDERFUL.

14. Doctor Who (BBC)

The Doctor explores the universe.

You probably saw it on Tumblr as: everything.

What have you started watching because of Tumblr?

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