14 Cats Trying To Answer Unanswerable Questions

Some things are just really hard to describe.

1. What does water taste like?

ID: 865706

2. What does air feel like?

ID: 865802

3. What actually happens in your dreams?

ID: 868239

4. What does the inside of your nose smell like?

ID: 868136

5. What does salt taste like?

ID: 871462

6. Can you cry underwater?

ID: 865747

7. What does silence sound like?

ID: 868451

8. What does room temperature feel like?

ID: 868089

9. How do you describe a texture without using the word?

ID: 868091

10. How do you explain the difference between left and right?

ID: 865765

11. How do you explain the word “the”?

ID: 868652

12. How do you describe a color without using the color?

ID: 868372

13. How do you explain the concept of infinity?

ID: 868104

14. And when you scroll past a gif, does it still move?

ID: 868478

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