13 Reasons Why Nice Guys Are The Worst

Nice guys: pro or con? Here’s the case against that particular species.

Nice people are great. They bring joy and love into our lives.

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Self-proclaimed “nice guys,” however, are kind of not like that at all.

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1. “Nice guys” are always trying to convince you they are *such* nice people.

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2. “Nice guys” apparently aren’t listening to themselves when they speak.

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3. It turns out there’s no such thing as the Nice Guy Card(TM).

Comic by Callmekito

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4. “Nice guys” think that all women owe them something.

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5. “Nice guys” think that “the friend zone” is a thing that is both unfair and some kind of punishment?

A different take on the original Friend Zone Fiona meme.

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6. “Nice guys” aren’t really as great at compliments as they think they are.

Comic by Hanging Rock Comics

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7. “Nice guys” don’t seem to have the most accurate grasp of reality.

Comic by Eat That Toast

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8. “Nice guys” are all over the place! Trolling the Internet…

Comic by Toothpaste for Dinner

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9. …and all over pop culture!

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10. “Nice guys” are emotionally manipulative and, again, seem to not hear themselves speak.

Comic by Something Positive

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11. “Nice guys” sometimes evoke sympathy…

Because, let’s be honest, everyone just wants to be loved.

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…but their sense of entitlement is not just annoying, it can actually be pretty scary.

Find the full comic “The Friend Zoner vs. Nice Guy” by Mamamantis here.

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12. “Nice guys” just miss so many things.

Courtesy of the now defunct Tumblr blog Nice Guys of OK Cupid.

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13. And they’re always complaining about how “nice guys finish last.”


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