22 Timeflies Tuesday Mixes You Need To Hear

There’s nothing better than a great remix done by two good looking guys. Swoon.

Timeflies is a duo composed of producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro. They got their start in 2010 with a few singles, but also created “Timeflies Tuesday” in which they release remixes, perform live covers, and freestyle over original beats. Here are some must hear Timeflies remixes for your enjoyment:

ID: 2843092

1. “Save Tonight”

ID: 2843125

2. “Say Something”

ID: 2843132

3. “Cruise”

ID: 2843137

4. “Pompeii”

ID: 2843151

5. “All You Need Is Love”

ID: 2843158

6. “Let Her Go”

ID: 2843166

7. “Timber”

ID: 2843170

8. “Roar”

ID: 2843175

9. “Royals”

ID: 2843183

10. “We Can’t Stop”

ID: 2843185

11. “I Need Your Love”

ID: 2843190

12. “Stay”

ID: 2843196

13. “Die Young”

ID: 2843204

14. “We Found Love”

ID: 2843206

15. “Game of Thrones”

Oh yes. They even cover GoT.

ID: 2843215

16. “Summer Girls”

ID: 2843227

17. “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”

ID: 2843264

18. Taylor Swift Mash Up


ID: 2843279

19. “Call Me Maybe”

ID: 2843289

20. “I Will Always Love You”

ID: 2843297

21. Space Jam


ID: 2843305

22. And of course, “Let it Go”

ID: 2843312

Like what you’ve heard? Check out Timeflies on O

You can visit their website Timefliesmusic.com or find them on Twitter @Timeflies!

ID: 2843404

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