Wine Snob Vs. Beer Snob

Are you a wine snob? Do you know Beer snob? Check out all the differenes between the two.

1. A beer snob knows they are a beer snob and is proud of it. They often talk to you as if you know beer just as much as they do….even though they know you don’t.

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2. Wine snobs are not as easy to detect but they will come at you with a sharp wine remark. They have no problem letting you know they know more about wine than you.

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3. Wine snobs are found in wine bars that often display their wine everywhere and have high stools. The ambience has a mellow feel with a modern charm.

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4. You can often find a beer snob where there are picnic tables.

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5. With a chalkboard…which is impossible to read

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6. ….don’t worry the bartender will list all 87 of them for you

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7. The wine bartender will have no idea what the fuck….

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8. Trader Joe’s two buck chuck is.

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9. Beer snobs don’t care what beer you drink with your food, it just better be dam good.

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10. A wine snob will have fun helping you pair each wine with a different food.

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11. When traveling beer snobs check to see if there is a local brewery.

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12. Wine snobs will tell you about their most recent wine tour and the one they plan on going to next.

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13. You wont necessarily know if a beer snob is drunk….they will talk just as much but then maybe all the sudden start talking about something you won’t have any idea what they’re saying..THEN you know they are drunk. But they will be in denial.

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14. Wine snobs just turn really flush and smile tons! They know they’re drunk and want to try another wine but this time a Merlot.

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15. Beer snob or wine snob, either way we all just want to have a good drink and a good time!

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