The 27 Stages Of Cutting Your Own Bangs

Scissors: your greatest friend and worst enemy.

1. I need a change…

ID: 1565381

2. (But not a BIG change.)

ID: 1565377

3. I know what I should do!

ID: 1565401

4. I’ll cut bangs!

ID: 1565374

5. I’ve been wanting them for a while.

My forehead feels so naked.

ID: 1565372

6. I’ll ask my friends what they think.

ID: 1569855

7. Bangs are going to look good on me!

ID: 1565453

8. But sometimes they can go so wrong!

ID: 1565414

9. It’ll be fine — I’ll go easy with the hair spray.

ID: 1565415

10. I just need to find a good picture to copy

ID: 1565478

11. Something more realistic

Via Pintrest
ID: 1565555

12. Something good for every day.

ID: 1565572

13. You can’t trust anyone but yourself to cut your hair.

ID: 1565490

14. I’ll watch a tutorial before.

Thanks, YouTube!

ID: 1565386

15. I’m going to take the plunge!

ID: 1586029

16. Here goes nothing.

ID: 1565574

17. Uh, this is bad…

ID: 1565499

18. Why are they not laying perfectly flat on my forehead?

ID: 1569937

19. Why are they getting in my way??

ID: 1575727

20. Wait, so when I wake up I have to actually do my hair?!?

ID: 1569892

21. I don’t have time for this!

ID: 1569879

22. I hate my bangs!

ID: 1569897

23. But wait… I look pretty cute with them.

ID: 1586023

24. And I feel…*quirky*

ID: 1586039

25. OK, I can get used to this.

ID: 1569874

26. …in fact, I’m loving it!

ID: 1569868

27. I love my bangs!

ID: 1586115

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