16 Epically Uncomfortable Birthday Songs

Everyone loves birthdays. But no one can stand the moment after dinner everyone at the restaurant stares at you while your family and waiters sing happy birthday.

1. Happy Birthday Have Fun

Happy Birthday and many more to come!

ID: 1085360

2. Total Ghost Happy Birthday

ID: 1085366

3. Happy Birthday Sweet Marisa

ID: 1085371

4. Captin Zoom

ID: 1085376

5. Every Mans Birthday Come True

ID: 1085391

6. Bollywood Birthday

Check out the dance moves!

ID: 1085417

7. Happy Birthday Drum Basement Style

Heyyoheyoheyhey……Happy Birthday

ID: 1086740

8. Playing with Fire

Yes please encourage children to play with fire

ID: 1085502

9. 80’s Happy Birthday

Notice the crowd clapping balloons.

ID: 1085498

10. Happy Birthday Dance

Not exactly sure how this plays into birthdays but it makes an awkward birthday video.

ID: 1085526

11. Break It Down

ID: 1085557

12. A Complete Happy Birthday Fail…

ID: 1086710

13. Dramatic Love

Can’t forget a dramatic homemade Birthday Video

ID: 1086716

14. A Homemade Choreograph Dance

ID: 1086731

15. Birthday Cheesey Dance

…..But I must admit friends will do the best things for you just because it’s your Birthday.

ID: 1086746

16. Stevie Wonderful!

But not all birthday songs make us uncomfortable….

ID: 1086720

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