16 Things You Only See In Louisiana

Louisiana is a special place. It’s the home of Swamp People! Join other fans at Swamp Nation and tune in to new episodes of Swamp People Thursdays at 9/8c on HISTORY.

1. Gator rides (fun if you don’t get eaten)

2. A three-day mud festival

3. Complete with children’s activities

4. This Ron Swanson look-a-like who also woodworks

(NBC Photo : Mitchell Haaseth) / Via 1079ishot.com

5. A stadium with bad timing

Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

7. Mailboxes bigger than NYC apartments

8. Cauliflower that likes Mardi Gras

9. (and people, too)

10. Babies hanging out in cakes

11. A camper that’s proud to be an American

12. Airboats faster than your car

13. More voodoo than you could shake a medicine stick at

14. Their own spelling of “Go”

15. Fans who dress up like superheroes

16. And cajun food that dreams are made of

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