This Is What #SorryFeminists Is All About

It started with a tweet from T magazine’s new editor, apologizing for calling writer Katie Roiphe “sexy.” Cue the Sorry Feminists Tumblr!

Deborah Needleman, the newly appointed editor of The New York TimesT magazine, tweeted this Monday morning:

Women on the Twitter (like the New Yorker’s prominent TV critic Emily Nussbaum) shared a WTF reaction:

And then people were all, if you’re going to apologize for calling a woman sexy, what else should we apologize for? Hashtag time!

Others may have taken #sorryfeminists seriously:

The whole thing confused a lot of people:

There’s also now a “Sorry Feminists” Tumblr, and it has some really good GIFs:

“Yeah, you can see my bra through my shirt. #sorryfeminists”

“I get paper. #sorryfeminists”

“Therapy. #sorryfeminists”

Update! Needleman responds:

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