The Disturbing "Pro-Ana" Boards That Pinterest Banned

Pinterest recently announced it would ban pro-anorexia pages and other potentially harmful content. Just how active was the “pro-ana” community on Pinterest? Here’s a look.

Pinterest’s new terms of service dictate that as of April 6, any pins or boards that “explicitly encourage self-harm or abuse” will be banned from the site, a move that echoes Tumblr’s decision to ban similar content last month. That April 6 date is still almost two weeks away, which means tons of alarming pro-anorexia and “thinspirational” content is still live on the site.

2. This is what you find when you search Pinterest for “thinspo.”

Photos of women in bikinis are a common theme.

3. A search for “thinspiration” yields similar results.

4. You’ll also find lots of boards singularly devoted to aspirational thinness.

5. This board is called “Get Thin.”

6. Here’s a pin from that board.

7. Pasting “thinspirational” quotes onto photos is a big thing.

8. And more.

9. Pinterest does not think this is a “lol” matter.

10. Some boards are more fitness-oriented.

Will boards like these get taken down?

11. Kate Moss is a popular “thinspiration.”

12. (She’s kind of everywhere.)

13. Some of the fitness-oriented pins are a little more controversial.

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