"Rural Wearable Art Showcase" Includes Clothing Made Of Grass, Duct Tape, And Cow Medication

National Agricultural Fieldays is a massive agricultural trade show in Hamilton, New Zealand. Today, they put on an agriculture-themed fashion show where designers are tasked with creating “wearable art garments from materials found and / or used on farms or the land.” Here’s what it looked like.

1. This model’s head appears to be sprouting from a bird’s nest inside a large cone collar.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images
ID: 361163

She also had a crotch plow.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images
ID: 361184

2. Here’s a bedazzled butterfly.

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ID: 361157

3. And just what I’ve always wanted: an outfit made up of multi-colored duct tape and tubes of cow medication.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

The tubes say DryClox DC, which is an anti-bacterial medication for cows.

ID: 361159
Sandra Mu / Getty Images
ID: 361158

4. This drum is not only wearable, but also playable.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

It’s made from plastic agricultural tubes, which I guess are good for farming.

ID: 361160
Sandra Mu / Getty Images
ID: 361161

5. A crocheted carousel.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

Aside from the horses, what does this have to do with farming?

ID: 361162

6. A dress made of plastic gloves!

Sandra Mu / Getty Images
ID: 361691

7. It reminds me of this iconic Maison Martin Margiela top, which is made of leather gloves.

ID: 361729

8. This ensemble consists of feathers, poles, pieces of metal, and burlap-like material.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

Points for trying to fit a whole farm into one outfit.

ID: 361692

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