People Are Freaking Out Over This $450 Starbucks Gold Card

It sold out in “seconds.”

1. Gilt is selling a $450 “Limited Edition Metal Starbucks Card.”

As you can see, it is metal!

2. Apparently, it sold out on Gilt in mere seconds.

The card comes loaded with $400, and has a few perks. They include: a free drink on your birthday, free refills on brewed coffee and tea, and a free drink every 12 purchases. Whether that’s worth the $50 fee is, I guess, dependent on how much of a Starbucks fanatic you are.

4. Turns out there are a lot of fanatics.

Am positively breathless of the new @Starbucks metal card only available at @Gilt! #OMG #XmasList #DearSanta

— roasted_beanz (@Rachel)

WHAT! OMG.. a Limited Edition Metal Starbucks Card? I WANT! SANTA can you hear me????

— csheridan (@Claudia Sheridan)

“@eshik1: .... OMG” SOMEONE BUY ME THIS NOW!!

— amy_worrell (@Amy Worrell)

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