Here Is Ke$ha Looking Like Another Boring Hollywood Celebrity

Ke$ha’s typical fashion statements involve blue lipstick, pounds of glitter, and hair doubled by volume with hairspray. That was not the case the BMI Awards (that’s Broadcast Music Inc. Awards, not Body Mass Index Awards) this week, she opted for a different look. Dare I say, I kind of miss disheveled Ke$ha?

First, New Ke$ha:

ID: 301685
Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images
ID: 301499

Now compare with Old Ke$ha:

ID: 301668
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

At the 2010 American Music Awards.

ID: 301662

At the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards.

ID: 301665
Louis Lanzano / AP

At the “Casio Shock the World 2010” event in New York.

ID: 301667

Certainly, she looks more more conventionally Hollywood-like. Maybe she’ll even end up on a Best Dressed List! But Ke$ha’s power was her ability to truly own her place on the Worst Dressed List, which, let’s face it – is way more fun.

ID: 301706

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