An Imaginary First Act Of A Spice Girls’ Musical, Presented In 17 GIFs

A new musical called Viva Forever! will be based on songs by the Spice Girls. The storyline won’t focus on the girl group, but in my dream world it would — and the first act would go something like this.

1. The show opens with a splashy intro number! A Spice Girls medley plays, glitter spews everywhere.

ID: 391682

2. Then the plot — the MEAT of this thing — begins. It is January 1997.

ID: 391649

3. The world has caught “Wannabe” fever.

ID: 391710

4. The Spice Girls have just learned they’ll embark on their first world tour. Naturally, they’re thrilled.

ID: 391676

5. Over the next few weeks of rehearsal, the Spice Girls’ heads are elsewhere. They are daydreaming about international fame.

ID: 391681

6. But the tour must go on. It kicks off in Dublin, where Posh frets about the humidity ruining her stick-straight hair.

ID: 391648

7. Nerves aside, the first show is perfect.

ID: 391711

8. The Spice Girls are quickly becoming the world’s biggest stars.

ID: 391686

9. But after nine consecutive shows in London, the Spice Girls become weary.

ID: 391684

10. Baby Spice snaps. She feels like it’s complete rubbish that Posh always uses up all the outlets with her various hair straighteners.

ID: 391688

11. Ginger, Sporty and Scary are likewise stressed.

ID: 391693

12. But Posh, icy as ever, is unfazed.

ID: 391699

13. An upset Baby Spice runs off in tears.

ID: 391724

14. She retreats to her hotel room, where she glances out the window.

ID: 391685

15. Posh is still just like, “Whaatever! Stop whining, Baby!” She is also thinking about her new romance with David Beckham.

ID: 391717

16. She then proceeds to get drunk.

ID: 391755

17. Ginger, Sporty and Scary just keep dancing. End scene.

ID: 392491

Stay tuned for the second Act, in which Ginger announces she’s leaving the group and Posh starts getting serious with David Beckham!

ID: 392850

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